Wednesday, 27 April 2011

My Easter Tree 2011

My Easter tree by Torie Jayne

As usual I was running around at the last minute before Easter trying to get my table and food looking the best I could. So, apologies for my Easter posts coming after Easter, but hey I think the tree could be cute wedding table decor.

I love Easter trees and have made several over the years. From the bird-filled one of 2009 or last year's cherry blossom sprigs in a vase. This year I wanted to make my Easter tree look like a mini potted tree. After gathering a couple of handfuls of twigs in the local woods I used a similar method to my Halloween tree but this time doing it in soft pastel shades of green.

I also wanted to add flowers and went for making my own paper ones so I could match the colours perfectly to my Easter colour palette. I then hung hand painted butterflies, hand decorated eggs and handmade birds, all in my Easter colours. Unfortunately I ran out of time and only finished a couple of my birds (free pattern and how-to coming soon!). I think the fabric birds would look cute around the house at any time of year!

Easter Tree
What you will need:
Plant pot
Pink paper filler
Pale green paint
Apple green paint
Plastic leaves
Small pebbles
Pink paper flowers
Blue paper flowers
Easter hanging butterflies
Decoupage eggs
Hand-painted surprise eggs
Candy filled Easter eggs
Polka dot Fabric birds
PVA glue
Glue gun
Masking tape

My Easter Tree

  1. Lay branches out on newspaper
  2. Spray branches with white paint and leave to dry
  3. Arrange branches together and wrap in masking tape to secure
  4. Paint plant pot, leave to dry
  5. My Easter Tree
  6. Place branches in pot and fill with small pebbles, pour PVA over the top of the stones and leave to dry
  7. Paint branches with pale green paint
  8. Attach pink and blue flowers to the branches using glue gun
  9. Cover pebbles in pot with pink paper filler
  10. My Easter Tree
  11. Paint plastic leaves and leave to dry
  12. Attach leaves to branches using glue gun
  13. Hang butterflies
  14. Hang eggs

My Easter Tree

Have a sweet day!


  1. So pretty, and so you with all the pastel colours. We had an nice little easter tree this year too.


  2. What a lovely Easter tree!

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  3. This is beautiful, Torie! :) such lovely colours, and the Easter eggs are adorable!


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